hi, i’m kyla.

i’m not really sure what i’m doing here

— yet here i am.

welcome to my amorphous mind.

dear reader,

i initially created amorphous mind as a digital scrapbook for myself—an outlet beyond the pages of my journal where i can share some of my thoughts creatively.

we live in a digital age where technology might tend to stray us away from authenticity. we feel pressured to suppress our real thoughts, real feelings, real emotions, and real stories, fearful of what being real can do and instead choose to mask parts of ourselves still left undiscovered.

and in many ways, as a human being, i do this too. even the content i create for this website is curated to fit a particular language and theme, ensuring that what i put out is just enough and exactly what i want said. but even then, the emotions carried and the thoughts conveyed are little aspects of life as i genuinely experience it.

amorphous mind isn’t meant to replace in-person experiences. it isn’t meant to be a space to share everything about myself. but is instead an extension, my taking advantage of a digital era.

the more i write and the more i share (maybe even overshare, perhaps a natural tendency in our social media-obsessed society), the more i realize that the reason i feel the need to do so is in hopes of creating/keeping connections outside of physical reach, ones that are real, and enabling others to think or even disagree and contradict.

we’re all just people who exist within the same ocean, trying to ride the waves that life tries to drown us with. and as imperfect as everything is, maybe i choose to find ways to express instead of suppress, connect instead of escape, because it might just be one reason that makes staying on the surface worth a little more than falling without knowing how to swim.


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