amanda: chemistry

i don’t see you
you are invisible
but i know that you’re there
i kiss him and i can feel it.

the spark.

the same spark that occurs the instant chlorine trifluoride touches a hint of fire.

the chemical reaction.

it happens so quickly
too fast for my mind to follow
i don’t see it but i feel the heat.
it happens as unexpectedly as the jolt that travels from my lips to my burning chest.

i gasp, inhaling a breath.
in the same shock that i experience when the beautiful blue light of fire explodes the compound.

my heart just calm, now erupts in heavy thrusting beats.
too quick that i worry if this is normal.

the compound that just erupted will never be its original composition.
my heart, touched by him, is changed already.


september 2019

. . .

amanda, 21 is a psychology student born and raised in new jersey, USA who spends her free time painting, scrapbooking, and indulging in poetry.