julie: free

my heart is craving you.



there aren’t many places in this vast world we live in that make me feel completely, utterly…


it sounds silly. a destination so seemingly simple. so common. so normal. 

however i find myself wanting to bury my toes in the sand, while the warmth radiating from the glow of the sun above me travels throughout my entire being. embracing me as if it were a person pulling me into the comfort of their arms. 

and the soft whispers, the hush, of the waves as they calmly glide with the tug of the salty breeze. 

one might wonder why this place is such a desire. 

my mind instantly takes a breath. the constant wheels that are turning…turning…and turning…suddenly come to a halt. because once my vision clears and my eyes set on the reality in front of me…i take a breath. 

in that moment nothing else matters. just the nature that i am beautifully surrounded by. the nature. the authenticity. the truth. 

nature never lies. nature never fakes. it just is.


october 2019

. . .

julie, 20 from new jersey, USA loves being surrounded by family and friends, especially at the beach which holds a special place in her heart.