zach: untitled

a fictional response based on a broken relationship

i prayed for amnesia.
looking in the mirror i saw satan’s disciple,
mixed with a man demoting to a boy.

you became infected by my toxic eyes.
they stared into yours and sent you in a locked trance,
in where i held the key.

redemption seems trillions of miles away.
apologies would be placing a bandaid on a popped balloon.
what i would do for just a shot at another chance.

the seemingly infinite pool of excuses has finally run dry.
my non existent heart bleeds at the thought 
of your precious one breaking.

your halo remains glowing,
though my darkness has challenged it immensely.
please keep it that way.


september 2019

. . .

zach, 16 is a filipino-american, proudly gay, and openly expressive to those around him. @zach.peronilla