a world of constant browsing

we live in a world of constant browsing,
online stalking,
lack of authentic face-to-face communicating,
& no attempt in honestly understanding.

i must admit—i’ve inevitably succumbed to these cultural norms causing me to sometimes forget the importance of building genuine relationships with people.

as people we need people, but we also forget what it means to be human. we forget to feel the most human thing: empathy.

we’re too caught up in the digital space and often forget to realize the life we have away from it. 

perhaps we use this space to escape or hide from what’s real.

i, myself, tend to do just that.

but we become obsessed with the idea of pleasing others, pushing us away from discovering aspects of our lives we don’t know yet. we become ingrained with these notions causing us to forget who we truly are.

how can we be our authentic selves in a society that seems to lack authenticity?


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