2:08 AM

it’s 2:08 AM.

while it feels like the rest of the world is asleep, i lay awake, staring up at the white ceiling fan as it spins in a repetitious cycle cooling the warm air.

i notice the shadows of its blades not quite directly above the fan but still following its movement as specks of dust fall from its edges.

and with a cycle so monotonous, i close my eyes in an attempt to sleep—

but how am i supposed to sleep in a world that’s nothing more than a vicious cycle?

while it feels as though everything does evolve, the world simply revolves around our individual desires.

much like the white ceiling fan above me, spinning in a constant cycle to keep me cool, we choose to live like the shadows of its blades

because as long as we become a part of the cycle,

we’re comfortable enough to fall asleep in the same way that we choose to think the rest of the world does.


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