i used to float

i used to float above a calm ocean with my back lightly pressed into the cool water. the sun would gleam towards me, its rays dancing on my pale skin, hugging me with warmth. my mind was one with the ocean, free, infinite, and limitless. and while i stayed afloat in such serenity, breathing in the fresh, salty air, i knew this was all mine to consume.

but i only used to float.

the gray clouds came. and as they cast a dark shadow over me and across this vast space, i began to feel cold.

to replace the company of the sun’s rays, they brought me a storm that pushed me further into the ocean’s waves.

no longer calm, i felt my weight sink deeper and deeper, unable to bring myself back up. i continued to fall, and there i remained, unable to breathe again that salty air, unable to breathe at all.

i used to float –


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