i wonder where your mind is now

if it ever still looks back at that time we walked the bridge that night

where the language spoken between us was more than just the words

was more than just the barriers of the words we ever used

some days i think i’ve lived more than one life

where who once meant everything no longer is

but then other days i realize that i still carry it with me

(i’ll always carry you with me)

taking the parts of us that made me feel most alive

and that’s probably why there was a time

when i felt that you were my reason

because of the way you made me find

parts of me to love,

more parts of life to love,

someone to love—

picked each other apart, like pieces of a puzzle

a puzzle no one else had the pieces to solve

sculpting together our idealized visions

a vision i still slowly continue to mold

while you’ve floated in the background of my days spent alone

i begin again to feel you infiltrate my headspace

but the difference this time is that there is no exchange

only one-sided thoughts that sometimes escape

yet i sit here and still wonder where your mind is now

if it still gets lost inside a never-ending hole

if it still romanticizes love that’s deep in the soul

if it still feels okay or if it feels more alone


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