people-watching people watching art

january 6, 2023.

time goes by, yet the art remains the same and so does the space.

i like going to the Met mostly to people-watch people watching art.

it’s funny observing the ways in which art and history bring people together in one place, to see how fixated one is on a singular detail within a large painting or sculpture. what drew them to notice the contrasts in color inside the landscape? what sent them into a trance when staring into the portrait’s soul?

art has soul.
so do people.

but it’s not until we notice the eyes on a canvas once blank or a sculpture that’s been molded looking back at us that we read a story and see a piece of our own. our own souls.

present are the emotions of many entities: that of the artist who once existed, those of the story the artwork shares, and those of our own in that moment as we perceive them.

but even with time passing, the art remains the same and so does the space.

it’s we who change and continue to.

today, i’m 25.
and what i see today will not be the same tomorrow.

– k.t.

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